Zinc Mill Apartments


Design of a 94 unit apartment complex site with associated parking, entrances, detention facility, and off-site sewer extension.

Services Provided

  • ALTA / Topographic Survey
  • Site Planning
  • Site Design / Civil Engineering
  • Drainage & Water Quality Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Permitting
  • Project Coordination
  • Construction Layout Staking

Notable Characteristics

Roger Ward Engineering was an integral part of the development of the Zinc Mill Apartments. The Architect needed a site engineering firm that understood apartment development, especially within a restrictive site. Due to the existing topography, the required density, and the close proximity of the buildings, drives, and parking, the design required detailed grading and extensive utility coordination. Roger Ward Engineering worked closely with the City of Greencastle both for design of the subject site as well as the coordination of the off-site sanitary sewer by the City.

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Zinc Mill Apartments