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What is an As-Built Survey, and When Do I Need One?

When you’re starting a construction project, you need a land survey to establish the boundaries of the project. You might also need an ALTA/NSPS land title survey to confirm that you’re able to use the land in the way you intend. After that, your plans are drawn up and approved, and construction begins. But how can you be sure that everything is going according to plan? That’s where an as-built survey comes in.

As-built surveys, also known as “in place” surveys or record drawings, may show any and all improvements to a piece of land or they may focus on a few particular aspects of the construction project, such as sewers, utilities, drainage or building foundations, depending on the local governmental requirements and site needs. During the process of construction or remodeling, as-built surveys are invaluable to ensure that the actual work is conforming to the proposed site plan. Typically, an as-built survey is not requested until the end of the project because they are required in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the building, to verify completion of all of the project’s requirements and to show compliance with local standards and regulations.

However, it may prove more prudent, particularly with new construction projects, particularly those of a larger scale, to perform as-built surveys several times throughout the construction process to verify the construction that was authorized is what’s actually taking place. If mistakes have occured in the early phases of the project, it will be much less costly to catch them early than to try to correct them down the line. Additionally, as-built surveys are an extremely helpful tool for project managers since they enable them to verify that the project is proceeding on the established timeline, and schedule subcontractors accordingly.

For more information on as-built surveys in central Indiana, contact Roger Ward Engineering.

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