Red Robin

Project Notes

Site design for a new proto-typical Red Robin restaurant building within an out lot to an existing Drury Inn Hotel (also designed by Roger Ward Engineering). When Red Robin Corporate selected a small out-lot of a Drury Inn Hotel in a high visibility / high traffic area, they needed a team that was familiar with designing a smaller than typical lot, all the while conforming to local codes. Roger Ward Engineering was selected as the Civil Engineer to provide not only site design services, but also to work with in an effort to provide as much parking as possible per the zoning and landlord requirements. Roger Ward Engineering provided engineering, consulting, landscape design, permitting, and construction layout staking, all within the time and budget constraints of the Client and Contractor


Project Services

  • Topographic Survey
  • Site Planning
  • Site Design / Civil Engineering
  • Drainage & Water Quality Design
  • Permitting
  • Landscape Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Construction Layout Staking
  • Stormwater Inspection
  • As-built Drawings
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Red Robin