Development Consulting


Site Feasibility

Make informed decisions before you purchase land by having the site feasibility experts at Roger Ward Engineering help you determine the viability, risks and sustainability of your parcel and its intended use. A full site feasibility report from the professionals at Roger Ward Engineering will give you the peace of mind to tackle your building project, full speed ahead.


Zoning assistance

Zoning laws are complex. You need experts on your team with the background and experience to help you navigate your way through the jungle of regulations to ensure that your project starts out, and stays on, the right track.



The process of securing permits for your project is just as complex as the zoning laws. Don’t let this process cause unnecessary delays. The team of experienced and diligent permitting experts at Roger Ward Engineering can help you secure the proper permits in an expeditious manner to get your project off the ground.


Due diligence

Due diligence takes time, which is something everyone is short on. But there’s no substitute for doing your homework up front. Bring on the due diligence professionals at Roger Ward Engineering in your project’s planning phases to ensure that you’ve considered every angle of your project’s feasibility.