Land Surveying


The team of land survey specialists at Roger Ward Engineering provides a full array of field surveying services, including:


Boundary/Topographical Surveys

With any building project, you need to ensure that your engineer has the full picture of not just the boundaries of your parcel of land, but also the topography on which your building will be built. Don’t have any plans drawn up for your project until the team of boundary and topographical specialists at Roger Ward Engineering have completed a full inspection of your parcel.


As-Built (In Place) Surveys

As-Built surveys, also known as In Place surveys, are essential in the final phases of your construction project to ensure that the work that’s been done to date has been completed according to plans. Trust the survey professionals at Roger Ward Engineering to perform the As-Built surveys you need to keep your project on track and avoid any costly errors in your process.


Construction Staking

Construction Staking, also known as Site Layout Survey, is an important part of your building process. The construction staking team at Roger Ward Engineering will make sure that your project is standing on firm ground, and that the physical properties of your parcel align with the plans you’ve created so that everything comes together in the end.



High quality and easy-to-read survey documents are essential to your project’s success. The ALTA survey specialists at Roger Ward Engineering work diligently and efficiently to provide you with the information you need at the start of your project to ensure that your parcel of land can be used the way you intend to use it, with no surprises down the road.